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With every purchase or even the hint of a buy, your customers or clients reveal a lot about themselves. If you know how to interpret this precious data, you'll discover what's important to them, their priorities; and so, in turn, you can understand how valuable each customer segment is to your business. We do this interpretation on your behalf. Express Analytics offers cloud-based marketing analytics solutions and services on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis, designed to improve your marketing campaign Key Performance indicators (KPIs) such as customer response or engagement rates.

We enable enterprises to embed client insights on a variety of scorecards and reports, which, in turn, can then be made available to the key decision-makers in an organization. Our team has experience with data warehouse implementations across diverse industries. Our offerings keep in mind the modern-day digital marketing ecosystem. One of the services we extend is the integration of marketing activities with most modern email service providers, social media platforms, third party co-op databases, and the wireless carriers for mobile marketing. Our turn-key solutions allow organizations across verticals to increase revenue without increasing the marketing spend.

...How We Do

We mine the data already existing in a client's database. Our processes include Data Integration and Data Hygiene Modeling. We have the ability to source any structured or unstructured data from any source or database, & load into a data warehouse. Before doing that, our in-house application scrubs & transforms the incoming data.

Our team has the ability to generate reports that empower the marketing department of any business to take informed and the right decisions at the right time. These include a customer's Lifetime Value Report and Catalog Performance report. The Express Analytics marketing analytics solutions deliver the punch and produce measurable returns of a sophisticated marketing program – all while managing a clients’ resource-intensive operations, leaving them, in turn, to focus on their core business.

It’s a tool that supports business rules, facts, priority, preconditions, & other functions. A Rules Engine software is a component of a business rule management system which allows to register, define, classify, and manage all the business rules. Another definition is that it tells business owners ‘what to do’ but not ‘how to do it’.

Since it is not easy for a business in today’s era of content explosion & connectivity to cater to the demands of every single customer, it needs to club individual customers into groups. Exploiting the value of each client is the ultimate goal of a marketer, which means, how much revenue or even profit is a customer capable of giving the business. The EA team does this for you.

Emotional Quotient (EQ) is not a new concept. It’s been around as a hypothesis since the early 1990s. Today, however, with the advent of new technologies including the ability to measure and analyze copious amounts of data, more & more businesses are actively looking at EQ as a tool to bring in new customers, increase loyalty, so also gain market share.

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Hemant Warudkar
Mahesh Nagavekar
VP of Strategic Consulting Services
Pavankumar Sarathi
Solution Architect
Ninad Joshi
Data Scientist