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Role of Social Media, Data Analytics in (Loksabha) General Elections 2014 in India

By Pavan Sarathi (Our objective through this article is to provide insights through use of data analytics and social media for  informed decision making.) Recently 16th (Loksabha) General elections were conducted in India. They were conducted in 9 phases across the country. Even before the elections were announced in mid March 2014, people in India were very active on social media about the elections and their candidates. These elections have attracted the whole world media, reports

Dimensionally Speaking….

Dimensional Modeling Profile Dimension (aka Junk Dimension aka Mystery Dimension) Hello readers! I hope you all are enjoying the colorful spring! This time I am going to tell you a story about a new friend of mine, who lives on the Main Street of the Dimensional Modeling town, and goes by a whole bunch of different names! I am not sure how & from where he got all these names, but, It

Segmentation: An Important Marketing Strategy

In the current hyper-competitive business environment, understanding customers’ changing tastes and purchasing behavior is extremely important! It is clearly evident that companies that do not track changing consumer wants and needs have seen a decline in their fortune. KODAK is just one but a very good example to underline this point. Failure of understanding and predicting consumers’ buying trends towards more technologically advanced digital  cameras lead to the bankruptcy and

How to select an analytics platform?

Recently Express Analytics was engaged by a client to help them select a platform for marketing analytics. This led us to ponder the answers to the following questions. What is an Analytics Platform and how is it different from a Transactional Platform? What prevents organizations from exploiting the existing data in their databases for Analytics? Who are the new entrants in the market with analytics platforms offerings? What is the long term direction of

Marketing is strategy and strategy is destiny.

In an article in the December 2013 issue of the Harvard Business Review,  Author Professor Niraj Dawar argues that today upstream activities - such as sourcing, production, and logistics - are being commoditized or outsourced, while downstream activities aimed at reducing consumer's costs and risks are emerging as  drivers of value creation and sources of competitive advantage. Today the locus of competitive advantage lie outside the firm and the advantage is

The process of segmentation

The question I attempt to answer in this post: Is there a scientific way of segmenting customers based on a number of dimensions? We all know that we can plot the shape of a curve on a two dimensional graph or draw the shape of an object on a three dimensional graph. However once we have crossed the number of perspectives to be more than three dimensions the mind starts to wonder


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