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How Artificial Intelligence has influenced e-commerce – the retailer’s story

Artificial Intelligence

Never before have customers been more in control of the retail trade than today. But are they really? Or has the retailer wrested control of the exchange? Let's revisit this in the light of new technologies and sensors deployed in this "game". In the sixties through the eighties, Sears, Walmart and K-mart kind of super stores aggregated purchase information to decide what to buy and stock their shelves. Improving the scale

Three big mistakes to avoid in marketing analytics

It’s not enough merely to decide to implement data analytics for marketing your business, you need to also ensure its proper implementation in order to meet your objectives. That’s a job easier said than done.  Once a company has embedded analytics in its marketing process, it's very important not to lose track of the implementation, or else, its efficacy could be blunted. From experience, we can say that there are some

Fashion, weather and predictive analytics

Wondering how the words, fashion, weather and predictive analytics are connected? Here’s a poser – what is one of the biggest challenges before the global fashion industry today? Weather. You wouldn’t have guessed it, right? Pick up any fashion magazine, read any fashion portal, white paper.... you name it, unpredictable weather is on the Top-5 challenges list before the fashion industry. As global climate undergoes, not so subtle changes, largely thanks to

5 criteria to help you select the right marketing analytics solution

Without doubt, data analytics has become a very important tool in every marketer’s arsenal. Studies have shown that on an average, 12% of the total marketing budgets in 2016 was allocated to analytics by major and medium-sized enterprises. And, it's expected to grow next year. So perhaps, the crucial question that marketers wanting to deploy data analytics in 2017 will face is – which is the right marketing analytics solution for

Mobile Commerce: Changing the way we do business.

From Desktop computing to mobile commerce.

Mobile Commerce, or m-commerce, refers to the new way companies are doing business that is centered around the increasing use of mobile devices like phones, tablets and smartbooks. First developed as SMS-based services in the mid 1990s, m-commerce has shifted toward using applications on the iOS and Android platforms. This trend has also been mirrored by phone makers in the past five years, with major mobile manufacturers like Apple and Samsung integrating

Is combining Marketing Mix Modeling with Attribution Modeling the way forward?

For decades, traditional marketers faced a challenge while allotting their marketing budgets among various marketing channels. Today, with the advent of digital modes of communication such as television and the Internet, as well as computing devices of all kind, that job’s got even more taxing. “Effective allocation” is the keyword here. Modern-day marketers have to distribute their marketing budgets between these “channels” in a way to maximize the return on investment

Google’s experiment with grocery – How traditional players can survive?

This line in a news report in London’s The Guardian - First they (Google) came for your search, then they came for your phone, now they want your groceries - seems like a wakeup call for retail grocers. The report was about the search major announcing that Google Express, the company’s delivery service, would start delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to customers in San Francisco and one other city. Market reactions

How you can use Analytics as a retailer to save your store

Reports of retail stores shutting down in the United States and elsewhere are coming in almost every week, leading to some analysts painting a doomsday scenario for this sector. A few others have labelled it, 'Retail Apocalypse'. But it need not be so. Analytics can save the day for you, indeed give you an edge, if you are a retailer, more so, a grocer. Our infographic  below shows you how:                                                            


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