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Embedded analytics – empowering the masses

A business is a combination of various processes. Improvement in that business will happen when all the processes are harmonized. Co-ordination is needed not only between various departments and their leads, but even the employees lower down the rank. This harmonization does not happen by chance but by design. Employees at all levels, and not only those in the core team, need to be empowered. And in today’s increasingly competitive world,

Mobile Commerce: Changing the way we do business.

From Desktop computing to mobile commerce.

Mobile Commerce, or m-commerce, refers to the new way companies are doing business that is centered around the increasing use of mobile devices like phones, tablets and smartbooks. First developed as SMS-based services in the mid 1990s, m-commerce has shifted toward using applications on the iOS and Android platforms. This trend has also been mirrored by phone makers in the past five years, with major mobile manufacturers like Apple and Samsung integrating


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