Big Data Analytics Services

Analytics @ Speed Of Thought!
Realize the full value of your data using the EA Big Data Analytics Services

No doubt, Big Data & its analytics have ushered in a new era of data-driven insights for companies across all sectors. To realize the true potential of your structured & unstructured data, you need a complete platform with adequate built-in security & compliance to help you take your business decisions in a timely manner.

The EA Big Data services are based on new architectures & recent technologies. Our data warehouse & Big Data solutions provide a trusted infrastructure that can handle all types of data & large volumes. They are geared to cope to handle the exponentially growing volume of data, in real time.

The sheer volume & velocity of Big Data dictates special handling to make the data ready for decision-making. Express Analytics specializes in decoding the signal from the noise & recognizing the patterns in the data. In marketing, for example, Sentiment Analysis of the social media data, context retrieval, & behavioral insights are valuable to segment customers into "persuadable", "sure-things", "lost-causes" & the "do-not-disturbs" categories. EA uses the digital exhaust from social media & integrates it with the first party data from an organization to deliver insights.

So what do these insights do? They enable a marketer to make decisions about the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Referral Lifetime Value (RLV) & customer acquisition thresholds. These are valuable insights needed for customer care, & for customizing the services or products that are being offered by an Enterprise.

EA offers the opportunity to companies to focus on the Information & leave the Technology challenges to us. Our analytics solutions handle the difficulty of data management so that you can spend your time acting on the insights our tools provide.