Business Intelligence & Analytics

Analytics @ Speed Of Thought!
In today's age of information explosion, there's data pouring in from a whole host of channels & devices. Our Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions help you draw up a useful story out of all that data.

Business intelligence is a technology-centric process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help Enterprises take more informed business decisions. It combines a variety of tools, applications & methodologies to data from internal & external sources, prepare it for analysis, & create reports, dashboards & data visualizations to arrive at the analysis.

Use 'digital exhaust' from social media to gain insights

Of what use are tons and tons of data if a marketer cannot take smarter decisions? There is a lot of unstructured data floating around that is generated from social media, streaming, blogs, e-commerce, logs, application, machine events, sensors and so on.

Marketing Analytics helps your organization derive significant value from big data as part of your overall analytics practice. Collecting information from various sources and applying various techniques & cutting edge technologies like Hadoop, we generate an output that is easy to understand & embedded into the operations systems so as to improve operational effectiveness of your organization.

The results can be used in Threat Analytics, Recommendation Engine, Ad targeting, POS Transaction Analysis, Search quality & Sentiment Analysis. It can also be used to develop the next generation of products & services or even to create & store more transactional data in digital form. All this can help automate & optimize your decision making process across various levels of your organization.

Enterprise & corporate performance management

The translation of enterprise strategy into operational terms requires integration of enterprise performance management, balanced scorecards & Business Intelligence systems. Integration allows enterprises to identify areas of high performance & sub-par performance. Companies need to appropriately align resources & functions to realize corporate objectives. Express Analytics enables your BI systems to provide a perfect foundation for scorecard & performance measurement support by storing data in a logical hierarchy, capturing operational data covering multiple years & subject areas.

Ad hoc analytics & data visualization services

Express Analytics provides self service ad hoc analytics platform as a service which enables businesses to create reports on their own without having any dependency on IT teams. This saves them upfront investments. Our 'Self Service Data Visual Discovery Platform' enables the business user to visualize data to get insight that helps in the decision making process. Using advanced data visualization techniques you can recognize hidden patterns in your data, which may shed new light on your business issues. Some of the other features provided by the platform include slicing & dicing of data at any level, provide answers backed by data for any kind of business questions, & a flexible interface with & easy to use point & click, drag & drop capabilities that allows business users to create visually appealing dashboards.