Customer Analytics Solutions

Analytics @ Speed Of Thought!
The customer is at the core of all marketing activity. Our Customer Analytics solutions, based on various types of models, help businesses derive a deep understanding of customer behavior.

To understand how a set of customers will typically behave, Customer Analytics Modeling identifies behaviors among certain sections of clients. Such models are based on data mining of customer data. Of later, corporates have started paying attention to Customer Analytics Modeling, especially so after the advent of computers & the Internet. That has allowed the recording & storing of more & more customer and transaction information. Customer behavior modeling helps Enterprises take crucial business decisions.

Customer Churn & Attrition Modeling

Acquiring new customers is expensive for companies. And when customers fall out in large numbers, in all probability, it means that the organization has failed to understand its customers. The predictive models embedded in the Express Analytics platform enable the marketer to understand the probability that a customer will leave and/or estimate how long the customer will stay, thereby controlling attrition. By leveraging the analysis of customer historical transactions & interactions data, the marketers are in a position to identify customers who may be at risk of discontinuing the products or services. And that's not all.

Many other benefits that can be reaped from our solutions. These include: Increased life time value of a customer, reduced customer churn rate & increased loyalty, & more customer acquisitions with less marketing budget, to name a few.

Propensity & Life Time Value Modeling

While retaining customers is a challenge that most companies face, estimating a customer's propensity to pay, so also his value, is yet another challenge faced by marketers. By applying predictive models & segmentation, our solution ensures that marketers get the best appropriation of marketing budget. Using our platform as a service, the marketers are able to: Understand cross-sell opportunities for products and services, find prospects who are likely to convert to customers & forecast anticipated customer lifetime in year & their value, among the other add-ons.