Customer Analytics

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Empower your business with our customer analytics solutions based on a deep knowledge of customer behavior.

Our 360 degree customer insight with an integrated customer view across the Enterprise will increase customer loyalty & retention. The solutions uncover the hidden patterns of customer behavior so that you can answer key questions related to your business.

  • Customer Segmentation

  • In today's competitive landscape, real time customer information is a powerful source of competitive advantage for any organization.
  • This advantage comes from understanding not only one's own customer behavior but also from understanding how customers behave with competing products or services.
  • Our Customer Analytics solutions based on extensive data mining & machine learning segments your customers to give you crucial insights.
  • Customer Profiling

  • Organizations that aspire to stay at the top of their game leverage the power of customer profiling. Knowing your customer is a must for today’s businesses so that they can offer them better services.
  • Our solution categorizes your customers into different groups based on geography, culture & ethnicity, income levels, age group, gender & life cycle.
  • Such customer profiling helps Enterprises understand the needs & behavior of your customers & how it impacts the purchase decisions.
  • Customer Analysis

  • With our customer segmentation & profiling solutions, Express Analytics helps you understand your every customer’s needs, which has to be catered to uniquely.
  • With this understanding, our solution segments your customers into smaller groups of individuals based on geographic, demographic & psychographic characteristics.
  • This process allows marketers to target segments uniquely in an effective manner & to improve response rate of campaigns.

Ask any business & it will tell you that acquiring new customers is one of the most expensive activities it faces. And, even daunting. This is followed by customer retention. The predictive models embedded in our platform enable the marketer to understand the probability that a customer will leave and/or estimate how long the customer will stay thereby controlling attrition. By leveraging the analysis of customer historical transactions & interactions data, the marketers are in a position to identify customers who may be at risk of discontinuing the products or services.

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