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What's that one most important thing that an Enterprise in the middle of a Merger & Acquisition (M&A) requires? Data. Clean, structured data whose easy access will allow a company to be agile in order to help it take the right decisions. But that's easier said than done. There are always internal & external challenges, often complex, that a company faces in its data quest. That's also the reason why data integration strategies must be process and integrity driven. For that matter, post-merger, too, calls for efficient data integration. Another important need is for companies to provide uniform reports to its customers and shareholders. Thus, the process of unifying data from Enterprise Operational Systems like ERP or CRM is no different from integrating data from newly acquired systems. Express Analytics provides data integration services with special focus on M&As.

  • External data & systems integration

  • Is your company looking at integrating all that voluminous data from a recent acquisition? Speed's important here but so also is getting clean, reliable & reliable data. EA help clients integrate data and systems of the acquired companies so as to maximum synergies.
  • Internal Enterprise data integration

  • Planning to integrate any or all of your enterprise operational systems for a consolidated, single-window view? EA guides your IT department in this effort. Needless to state, holistic data governance not only helps serve your critical business needs across your company - from IT to legal to finance – but also meet mandatory statutory requirements effortlessly. Our scalable solutions also help companies stay in tune with frequent system changes.
  • Project Resourcing

  • There aren't many organizations around that can boast of having all the requisite human resources to complete their complex data projects or systems migrations and rollouts. These can be highly intensive labor oriented tasks. EA steps up to the plate by providing highly skilled technology professionals and subject-matter experts to help clients meet project deadlines.

Express Analytics Enterprise Services can assist in data integration for M&A, small or big. We can provide skilled project managers, business analysts and software professionals to meet a wide range of needs, including:

  • Short & long-term assignments
  • To plug resource gaps
  • To handle large-scale, complex projects

  • Enterprise data management is fast becoming a very important business requirement. Trust in your data is the foundation of your business strategy. The EA experts team is focused on driving data quality & handles that challenge for you. Our processes include data cleanup, certifying data quality, data integration & monitoring of data quality in its lifecycle.

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    We provide human resources that not only meet technical qualifications but complement your team & goals.

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