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Deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time with our powerful Marketing Analytics solutions.

At Express Analytics, we will fundamentally change the way you conduct your business. Your data is a motherlode of information, & we tap into it to unleash your business’ potential. Our vast experience in Marketing Analytics combined with our clear strategic thinking, & our indigenous tools & platforms will help super-charge your enterprise, helping you find new customers, retain the old ones & ultimately boost your profit, without any heavy investment.

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Our solutions empower the marketer with predictive models that help to forecast customer behavior.
  • Our models rank customers by their likelihood to respond to specific campaigns.
  • We deploy pre-built models in operational applications of Enterprise such as CRM, POS, & Call Center Application in order to improve the overall operational efficiency of an organization.
  • Product & Promotion Mix Analytics

  • Maximize revenue, volumes, margins and customer loyalty by leveraging the power of 4 P's – Price, Place, Promotion, Product.
  • Our Marketing Mix Analytics Solution helps clients efficiently allocate marketing budget.
  • Our Platform has the ability to measure the impact of investments, promotional activities and price tactics on sales and/or brand awareness.
  • Channel Marketing Analytics

  • Uncover hidden sales opportunities, increase response rate, reduce cost of customer acquisition, & improve ROI on your campaigns with our all-powerful Cross Selling Analytics feature.
  • Marketing Analytics Recommendation System provides key insights for sales people for key questions to get full potential out of sales teams.
  • Sales teams can mitigate the challenges that they face such as improving size of average transaction value, launching products & services & improving revenue.

Business leaders today have a new weapon in their marketing armory. It's called analytics. Better analytical tools have given business leaders significant decision-making prowess.

Marketing Analytics helps eke out the true worth of your marketing dollar. Obviously, if something costs more than it returns, it does not make a good business strategy. That's where EA solutions come in. These sophisticated marketing approach ensures your dollars generate the best out of your investments vis-à-vis marketing effectiveness. They go beyond the lead generation to offer precious insights into customer preferences and trends.

One of the first things you get when you buy our Marketing Analytics software is in-depth customer purchase insight. The EA team works on large volumes of purchase transaction data in order to answer the critical questions that will help our customers make better decisions in their business. Our feature helps you to categorize the purchase behavior by identifiable actionable information, purchase profiles & profitability of each purchase.

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Questions We Answer

Our Predictive Analytics solutions help answer:

  • Which customers are likely to respond?
  • What kind of products a particular customer’s interested in?
  • What is the best time to market to the customer?
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At the same time, our Product & Promotion Mix Modelling helps resolve:

  • How much revenue have you generated through a promotion?
  • What is the ROI of your various promotional & campaign activities?
  • Are you optimally allocating your budget across products?
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Our Channel Marketing Analytics solutions will tell you:

  • Which is the next best product to offer to your customers?
  • When is the customer most likely to buy a product?
  • By which channels should the offer be made to the customer?
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