Marketing Automation

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How SMBs can challenge corporate rivals & level the playing field using Marketing Automation

One way that Small & Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) can take on their larger competitors is through a process called Marketing Automation. This technology allows them to streamline, automate, & measure marketing tasks & workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency & grow revenue faster.

No longer is Marketing Automation just for big companies. This software made available to SMBs by analysts firms such as ours, now helps businesses of all types, including B2B & B2C organizations.

What can be done with Marketing Automation? It can help companies streamline their lead generation & lead scoring, improve customer segmentation. In fact, it can help their overall customer experience, & give a fillip to marketing ROI. Marketing automation enables a small marketing team of a SMB retailer to have a global reach, integration with e-commerce and m-commerce enables the retailer to sell 24/7/365.

Express Analytics offers strategic advice & expert services of marketing automation and optimization. We enable continuous customer engagement & campaign based engagement depending upon the preparedness of our customers. If you already have a Marketing Automation platform, now worry. Our core data management engine integrates with your platform & enables optimization of your marketing. We also provide an 'out-of-the-box' marketing automation platform using Mail Chimp and Survey Monkey.

EA's fully customizable digital dashboards deliver the latest response to your marketing campaigns and signals from visitors to your web properties. This enables you to treat the customer in almost real time when they may be browsing your website or even visiting your physical store. In retail, location (still) matters. By using our marketing automation software, you can also deliver exciting offers to the customer on their mobile devices using our proximity marketing services.

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