Our Services

Analytics @ Speed Of Thought!

Marketing Analytics

  • Marketing Mix Analysis
  • Buyer Analytics
  • Predictive Model Building and Implementation
  • Cross Channel Marketing Analytics
  • Lead Generation & Social Profiles
  • Customer Analytics

  • 360 Degrees Customer Insight
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Profiling
  • Customer Retention
  • Propensity and Life Time Value Modeling
  • Campaign Design
  • RoI Optimization
  • Data Warehousing

  • Data Extraction, Cleaning & Transformation
  • Data Warehouse Setup
  • Database Management
  • Cloud based Deployments

  • Big Data

  • Extraction, loading & integration of data
  • Development of Machine Learning Models
  • Visualization & reports results
  • Dashboards

  • Front-end to business intelligence
  • User friendly interface
  • Design based on research & planning
  • Reporting and Data Visualization

  • Business Intelligence

  • Tailor-made BI results
  • Complete control of your data
  • Collaborative BI solutions
  • How We Do It

    • Buyer Analytics

      We work on large volumes of purchase transaction & other data in order to answer critical questions so that enterprises can make better decisions.

    • Dashboards Design

      We design dashboards that not only present a clear picture of your current business situation, but can also predict future results of specific actions.

    • Customer Segmentation

      Our solution segments your customers into smaller groups of individuals based on geographic, demographic & psychographic characteristics. This process allows marketers to target segments uniquely in an effective manner & to improve response rate.

    • Predictive Model Building

      Our predictive analytics models score the customer base, & rank the customers by their likelihood to response to a specific campaign. This helps clients save in costs & increase revenue.

    • Use of Dashboard

      Our predictive dashboards,visualizations & reports are available for key members of your staff with dynamic information that can empower decision making on daily basis.

    • Customer Profiling

      We categorize your customers into different groups based on geography, culture & ethnicity, income levels, age group, gender & life cycle. This categorization helps you understand the needs & behavior of your customers & how it impacts purchase decisions.