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When EA Helped A Turbine Company In Its Data Loading Process

One of the world's leading turbine companies had an enterprise data warehouse but the process of loading the data was taking 12 hours and more. Therefore, Japan and Australia's data was two days behind. For about ten to twelve hours per day, the warehouse was closed. A critical issue was how to reduce data latency and improve data quality.

| 27 Jul 2021

Fitness firm and customer segmentation

A leading fitness company in California, USA, wanted to invest in a new form of communication - direct marketing. The company's large customer base made direct mailers prohibitively expensive to send to all of them. The company wanted to use analytics at the same time to market to its most persuadable customers who could not be reached by email. Express Analytics gave it a solution.

| 27 Jul 2021

How a North American manufacturer of lighting increased its revenue with CDP Oyster

A North American industry leader in lighting manufacturing and retailing was finding it difficult to optimize its email and direct mail marketing campaigns. The company needed a Customer Interaction Management (CIM) database that would integrate data from all sources and improve the open and click rates for catalogs and emails. By establishing processes to cleanse, standardize, and enrich the customer data, Express Analytics team created customer segments based on historical transactions and campaign responses.

| 27 Jul 2021

Do Direct Mailers Still Work?

Direct mail marketing is any physical correspondence that you mail to your clients in hopes of getting them to patronize your business. Many businesses have moved from outbound marketing to inbound marketing as the inbound approach dominates the market. But even in the digital age, many businesses are re-evaluating their direct mail marketing efforts. So the question is - does direct marketing still work today? Download our white paper for the answer. You will be surprised.

| 26 Jun 2021

What Is Machine Learning And Machine Learning Techniques: A Complete Guide

Analyzing data in order to find patterns and apply these findings to business goals is the most general definition of data analytics. In the past few years, the flow of data into enterprises has grown exponentially, making it difficult to analyze data using traditional statistical methods. Data analytics can now overcome this hurdle by incorporating machine learning, an aspect of artificial intelligence. By building efficient algorithms, machine learning automates the process of data analysis, revealing hidden patterns and insights.

| 09 Jun 2021

Conducting Social Media Sentiment Analysis: A Working Example

Till a few years ago, it wasn't common practice to analyze customer sentiments. Today, sentiment analysis is a viable tool for businesses thanks to technological advances and also to shifts in business mindsets. The interesting thing about it and what makes it different from the other forms of data analytics is that it deals with emotions, and we all know that emotions are never black or white. An enterprise or brand can find out how the world or the consumer feels by doing sentiment analysis. This could be a positive or a negative reaction. So how does social media sentiment analysis work? Read on.

| 24 May 2021

Use Of Analytics In QSRs

Quick Service Restaurant industry to grow profits? Using restaurant data analytics, you can analyze every bit of data related to your business and convert them into actionable insights that can help with everything from menu design to staff training.

| 01 May 2021

Why Brick & Mortar Grocers Should Leverage Their Data

The traditional brick & mortar grocery sector faces two threats: Internet-based shopping & the entry of non-traditional players in the segment. In addition to learning more about their consumers, brick-and-mortar retailers can provide a better shopping experience than online retailers through the use of technology.

| 01 May 2021