Your Guide in Selecting the Right CDP

How to choose CDP | Selecting the Right CDP Platform Software for your business Of late, a buzzword in marketing and analytics circles is CDP or Customer Data Platform. Chief Marketing Officers now have this new weapon in their arsenal to serve customers in an even bette

| 11 Apr 2019

Building an effective What-If analysis model

‘To make sense of your numbers, you need to separate the signal from all that noise.’ I’ve often heard this; I’ve even advocated it. After all, with the explosion of content, there’s just too much noise around us these days. One needs to separate the wh

| 02 Nov 2017

Understanding Business Rules and Rules Engine

A few posts earlier, I had spoken of operationalizing data analytics and some of its crucial components. While I have already touched upon how to build a customer database and how to draw up a prospects list, today, I shall be talking about the crucial ingredients that go

| 03 Nov 2015