Your Guide in Selecting the Right CDP

Of late, a buzzword in marketing and analytics circles is CDP or Customer Data Platform. Chief Marketing Officers now have this new weapon in their arsenal to serve customers in an even better, faster, and more granular manner. A CDP is a “data unifying software”. Adding

| 11 Apr 2019

Building an effective What-If analysis model

Data analytics need not stop at just looking in the rear-view mirror. 'What-If' analysis offers organizations a way of forecasting the future, with historical facts as the base. But your scenario modeling must be made efficient for best results.

| 02 Nov 2017

Understanding The Basics of Business Rules and Rules Engine

Understanding business rules and rules engine (Business Rules Engines BREs). A few posts earlier, I had spoken of operationalizing data analytics and some of its crucial components. While I have already touched upon how to build a customer database and how to draw up a pr

| 03 Nov 2015