Your guide in selecting the right CDP software : Express Analytics

Of late, a buzzword in marketing and analytics circles is CDP software or Customer Data Platform. Chief Marketing Officers now have this new weapon in their arsenal to serve customers in an even better, faster and more granular manner. A CDP software is a “data unifying

| 04 Aug 2021

Customer Personalization: What Is it And How To Achieve It?

Data science is helping in rewriting the dynamics of business but in today’s fiercely competitive world the focus is on delivering a highly personalized experience to your customers. But it is no longer enough to merely talk of personalization; it is like paying l

| 02 Aug 2021

The Next Big Thing in Analytics is Embedded BI (business intelligence)

More and more businesses today are looking at deploying embedded business intelligence solutions. The reasons are many: the huge time gap between delivery, interpretation and implementation of traditional data analytics solutions, the added value companies can provide t

| 02 Aug 2021

How to Select An Analytics Platform?

Recently Express Analytics was engaged by a client to help them select a platform for marketing analytics. This led us to ponder the answers to the following questions. What is an Analytics Platform and how is it different from a Transactional Platform? What prevents orga

| 02 Aug 2021

Behavioral Rank in Lead Scoring helps get not More but Quality Leads

At the start of the year, many analysts had predicted that 2016 would see lead scoring – the process of identifying and grading a prospective customer’s intent – come of age. This group bet on the increasing reliance on behavior scores in the overall lead sco

| 02 Aug 2021

5 Criteria to Help You Select the Right Marketing Analytics Solution

Without a doubt, data analytics has become a very important tool in every marketer’s arsenal. Studies have shown that on average, 12% of the total marketing budgets in 2016 were allocated to analytics by major and medium-sized enterprises. And, it’s expected to grow nex

| 02 Aug 2021