How Menu Engineering can Push Up A Restaurant’s Profits

In the first part of this blog post, we had read about how data analytics is being used by restaurants and fast-food chains in customer segmentation. Today, we will look at how analysis helps to build, or rather, re-build a restaurant’s menu. That’s right. Analytics can p

| 13 Sep 2017

Data Analytics Enriches A Customer’s Gastronomical Experience

Big Data and its analysis have come as a disruptor for the food industry, more so for restaurants. There was a time when restaurants were largely run on the gut feelings of a manager or the whims and fancies of the owner. Those days are fading away. Restaurants now have

| 03 Sep 2017

Key to Successful Deployment of Data Analytics in Retail

Today, on these pages, we are going to discuss an issue that, over the years, has come to play a leading role in the business of retail – data analytics. The immediate reason for this post is a special report – The Fine Art of Analytics – released by Boston Retail Partne

| 23 Mar 2017

Analytics helps Understand Potential of Online Channels in Direct Hotel Bookings

For several years, the hotel industry’s entire pricing strategy globally was – ‘heads in beds’. The thumb rule a hotel’s general manager deployed was – no room must go vacant. Filling hotel rooms (without really factoring in price) was the preferred way. That stra

| 21 Aug 2016

How Data Driven Decision-making Helps Restaurants Buck the Trend

A couple of blogs posts ago we had talked of how data was fast becoming a very critical component in a restaurant’s kitchen. Bloomberg Gadfly columnist Shelly Banjo, who covers retail and consumer goods, recently wrote a column on how almost all the big restaurant ch

| 07 Aug 2016

Data is Most Important Item on A Restaurant Menu Today

Which is the single most important ingredient in today’s restaurant business? Data is most important item on a restaurant menu today. Know more about how restaurants menu analytics increases revenue of restaurant industry. Surprised? Don’t be. In the face of extreme comp

| 10 Jul 2016