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What You Need to Know About Ecommerce Analytics Tools

Ecommerce analytics tools are not all created equally, but they do provide you with the ability to understand and utilize the data that is being collected on your website. In order to make the most of your budget, you need to know how to use these tools correctly. Synops

| 04 Aug 2021

Analyzing Dynamic Consumer Behavior? ML-based Predictive Analytics Gives Retailers An Edge

With copious amounts of data coming in daily in retail, it has become clear that in order to maximize its analytical value and to tackle the complex dynamic consumer behavior, traditional predictive analytical techniques and tools are coming up short. Analyzing dynamic

| 30 Jul 2021

5 Ways Retailers Can Use POS Analytics To Better Drive Operations

You may have not realized it yet, but your point of sale (POS) terminal (POS Analytics ) is a treasure-trove of data that can be used to better the retail game you are in. POS is a staple in every retail business, but what is not régulier yet is the utilization of all of

| 30 Jul 2021

Dynamic Pricing – The Inevitable Future Of Traditional Retail

What is the biggest threat to retail today? Why are traditional retail businesses witnessing a steep downfall in their top and bottom lines? Forget about the numbers, why is the very presence of real-world retail suddenly endangered? Dynamic pricing is the inevitable futu

| 30 Jul 2021

Use Of Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning In Marketing For B2C and B2B: What’s The Difference?

Continuing with our endeavor to explain the concept of customer personalization based on customer segmentation in marketing, in this post, we will look at the Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning or STP marketing framework and the role it plays in marketing to not only 

| 09 Jun 2021

5 Predictive Analytics Use Cases for Retail Industry

Retail analytics is about using data to identify the factors that are impacting business outcomes. It also helps retailers evaluate strategies and understand why certain strategies are working or not. It can also help uncover how customers are behaving so that you can tr

| 15 Mar 2020

What Is STP ?The Importance of Customer Segmentation and STP Marketing

Table Of Contents What Is STP In Marketing? What Is Customer Segmentation? What Are The Advantages Of Customer Segmentation? What Are The Benefits Of STP Marketing? How To Use STP Marketing What is stp in marketing? In today’s intense business environment, brands have come ar

| 27 Jan 2020

Developing Machine Learning Models for Dynamic Pricing

Developing Machine Learning Models for Dynamic Pricing We previously talked about price optimization and dynamic pricing. Today, we are going to look at using developing machine learning (Ml) in dynamic pricing models. With artificial intelligence (AI) technology now goin

| 17 Dec 2019

How Machine Learning is Changing the World of Dynamic Pricing

Table Of Contents What is dynamic pricing Pricing Strategy Machine learning in dynamic pricing How machine learning is changing the world of dynamic pricing? E-commerce has now become an inevitable part of almost everyone’s lives. It’s a world where consumers want goods now

| 10 Dec 2019