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Machine Learning Solutions For Cold Start Problem In Recommender Systems

Study the past to know the future – Confucius While building product recommenders, the cold start is one of the biggest challenges that developers face, in addition to others such as data scarcity, scalability, and diversity. Synonymous with the failure of a car engine to

| 30 Jul 2021

Using Machine Learning To Grow Customer Lifetime Value (1 of 2)

In today’s customer-centric market, it’s very important to get to know a customer’s lifetime value (CLV). Customer Lifetime Value helps businesses concentrate their activities around their most “profitable” clients. The better a business understands CLV, the bette

| 10 Jun 2021

What Is Machine Learning And Machine Learning Techniques : A Complete Guide

What Is Machine Learning And Machine Learning Techniques : A Complete Guide By: Anubhav Sarkar and Mehar Singh Gambir The process of analyzing data and finding patterns in it to be used for meeting business goals is a generalized way of defining data analytics. But with t

| 09 Jun 2021

AI Model Developed To Detect Sarcasm In Social Media Text As Part of Sentiment Analysis

Sarcasm Sentiment Analysis : AI Model To Detect Sarcasm In Social Media Sentiment analysis of social media means just that – to use data to understand what people feel or think about your product, service, or even brand. And since social media today is a crucial compone

| 11 May 2021

The Emergence Of Commercial Artificial Intelligence in Business Intelligence

Even as global businesses continue to embrace big data and data analytics, the challenge many faces is: how to derive the most value from the big data. The latter refers to very large sets of data that cannot be handled with traditional methods. With artificial intellige

| 26 Oct 2020

Dealing With Outliers In Machine Learning

Introduction No matter how careful you are during data collection, every data scientist has felt the frustration of finding outliers. An outlier is a data point that is noticeably different from the rest. They represent errors in measurement, bad data collection, or simp

| 11 Sep 2020

How To Use Machine Learning In Predictive CLV Models (2 of 2)

In the first post on this topic, we defined customer lifetime value (CLV) and learned about customer lifetime value models. In this post, we’ll learn how machine learning can be deployed to predict CLV. CLV is a customer’s past value plus their predicted futur

| 22 Apr 2020

Prediction using Neural Networks

  In the first part of this post, we discussed what neural networks prediction are, what the “artificial” component in them is, and how they are used in data science. Today we look at how they are used in predictive analytics. We will also answer why neural networks s

| 27 Feb 2020

What Is Artificial Neural Networks and their Use in Data Science

Artificial Neural networks are an extremely complicated piece of research/technology being developed for decades. They use man-made computing power to try and replicate the way the human brain calculates, and hence, maybe a little dense to grasp at the first go. In this

| 20 Feb 2020