AI in Marketing

Here’s Why Machine Learning Data Catalogs are Becoming Popular

In part one of this blog post we had discussed what data catalogs are, and why there is an increase in their use by enterprises over the last two years. In this second and final part of that post, we look at how artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learnin

| 07 Feb 2020

How AI can Clean Your Data and Save You Man Hours and Money

Dirty data is the bane of the analytics industry. Almost every organization that deals with data have had to deal with some degree of unreliability in its numbers. Studies indicate that enterprises spend as little as 20% of their time analyzing data. The rest of that tim

| 17 Aug 2019

Do All Businesses Require Machine Learning in Data Analytics?

In this post, we will try and answer the question – do all businesses need machine learning in data analytics? In part one of this blog post, we looked at how artificial intelligence (AI) can help business managers or owners take informed decisions beneficial to their bu

| 21 Mar 2019

How Artificial Intelligence Turns Data into Useful Information

We are often asked – explain AI from the viewpoint of a data lifecycle, or just how does artificial intelligence (AI) convert data into output that`s beneficial to a business? Machine learning (ML), which can be best described as a subset of AI, is a technology that “fit

| 10 Mar 2019

How Natural Language Processing is Helping Democratize Business Intelligence

In the 1st part, we looked at the various stages of development of NLP, and its uses, especially in search. In the 2nd and final part of the blog post, we will look at how exactly is NLP used in BI, and the hurdles it still faces. A minuscule percentage of those in the bus

| 29 Jan 2018

The State Of Natural Language Processing Today

Readers of this blog may have realized that Natural Language Processing (NLP) was missing from our ‘5 Data Analytical Trends To Watch For in 2018’ post. Our in-house team of predictive data analysts says it lost out to the other trends by a narrow margin. But that in no

| 11 Jan 2018

How Machines are Learning from Customers and Predicting Human Behavior

Customers leave behind an incomprehensible amount of data while they go about shopping. Making sense of that data and reacting in real-time are the two things that will keep companies one step ahead of their customers (and competition) in the present-day customer-centri

| 13 Dec 2017

Using Chatbots to Really Understand Your Customer

It’s now clear that chatbots are not just passing ship in the night. Over 2.5 billion people worldwide use messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram, all of which are chatbot-centric. Twitter, for example, introduced a bot-like feature within it

| 08 Aug 2017

Using Machine Learning to Enhance Data Quality

Here’s how Machine Learning is being used to preserve data quality – A slideshow 

| 24 Jul 2017