Customer Analytics

How to Create an Effective Customer Journey Map and Turn Data into a Winning Customer Experience

A customer journey map can help you create a better customer experience. Such a map focuses on the customer's needs rather than your product. It assists customers in understanding their buying journey through a series of interactive tools.

| 01 Sep 2021

How to Analyze And Predict The Behavior Of Consumers

The power of data analytics has enabled some businesses to predict consumer behavior by analyzing past purchases, search histories, and social media profiles. Businesses that are able to predict customer behavior accurately will have an advantage over their competitors.

| 10 Aug 2021

Analyzing Dynamic Consumer Behavior? ML-based Predictive Analytics Gives Retailers An Edge

With copious amounts of data coming in daily in retail, it has become clear that in order to maximize its analytical value and to tackle the complex dynamic consumer behavior, traditional predictive analytical techniques and tools are coming up short. But machine learnin

| 30 Jul 2021

Using Machine Learning To Grow Customer Lifetime Value (1 of 2)

In today’s customer-centric market, it’s very important to get to know a customer’s lifetime value (CLV). Customer Lifetime Value helps businesses concentrate their activities around their most “profitable” clients. The better a business understands CLV, the bette

| 10 Jun 2021

Conducting Social Media Sentiment Analysis: A Working Example

Before we launch into why conducting sentiment analysis of your brand on social media is important, and how to go about doing sentiment analysis with Python, here’s a quick lowdown on sentiment analysis itself. Why Sentiment Analysis? Till a few years ago, analyzing a cust

| 24 May 2021

AI Model Developed To Detect Sarcasm In Social Media Text As Part of Sentiment Analysis

Sarcasm Sentiment Analysis : AI Model To Detect Sarcasm In Social Media Sentiment analysis of social media means just that – to use data to understand what people feel or think about your product, service, or even brand. And since social media today is a crucial compone

| 11 May 2021

How Customer Segmentation can be Used in Product Development

Customer segmentation is a well-known marketing strategy to attract leads, but one of its uses is also for new product development. Customer segmentation can be a tool for market entry strategy to identify potential customers, if any, for a new product or service. As a b

| 11 Feb 2021

The Use Of Machine Learning In Marketing: Saving Cost of Customer Acquisition

Marketers are increasingly finding machine learning (ML) an ally in their work. Although a new entrant here as compared to other fields, the use of commercial machine learning in digital marketing has started to reduce wasteful expenditure and resources considerably. The

| 18 Jan 2021

Visualizing Customer Journey Using Sankey Diagram

Customer journey mapping is the visual process of plotting a customer’s journey and analyzing their interactions with a brand. This helps companies look at their business from the customer’s viewpoint. That, in turn, helps a business get insights into a customer’s pain

| 23 Dec 2020