Customer Analytics

How To Use Machine Learning In Predictive CLV Models (2 of 2)

In the first post on this topic, we defined customer lifetime value (CLV) and learned about customer lifetime value models. In this post, we’ll learn how machine learning can be deployed to predict CLV. CLV is a customer’s past value plus their predicted futur

| 22 Apr 2020

What is Cohort Analysis? And How it Helps to Retain Customers

Before getting into cohort analysis and its benefits, one must take note of the fact that businesses devote a huge chunk of their resources to find new customers but, sometimes, they lose sight of their existing ones. Enterprises often take their eyes off the customer ch

| 14 Feb 2020

Here’s Why Machine Learning Data Catalogs are Becoming Popular

In part one of this blog post we had discussed what data catalogs are, and why there is an increase in their use by enterprises over the last two years. In this second and final part of that post, we look at how artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learnin

| 07 Feb 2020

Identity Resolution – How it Works

More and more businesses online are veering around to the fact that if they have to remain competitive, the one thing that will keep them ahead of the pack is a complete understanding of their customers. A customer’s identity resolution is like the Holy Grail for

| 15 Jan 2020

What is NLP Sentiment Analysis? And Increasing use of NLP in sentiment analytics

This post’s focus is NLP and its increasing use in what’s come to be known as NLP sentiment analytics. By now, it is obvious that humans and machines do not speak the same language. It is also pretty clear that the two also do not share “emotions”, thoughts or feelings. B

| 24 Dec 2019

Know thy Customer – How Identity Resolution Plays Key Role in Modern-day Marketing

Without a doubt, the one mantra that all digital marketers today must follow is, “Know thy customer”. But that’s easier said than done. For example, if you are a marketer, ask yourself this: how many times have your team members or you thought Mobile Customer Jean and De

| 01 Aug 2019

Is the RFM Model Relevant Even Today?

Why do I need an RFM model (RFM Analysis)? A key way to make your marketing effective is trying to understand the “value” of your individual customer. Termed ‘Customer Lifetime Value’ (CLV), there are many models that measure this metric. Developing a comprehensive and e

| 24 May 2019

The Coming of Age of Conversational Analytics

Many analysts predicted 2019 to be the year of conversational analytics; the year when businesses will be on the road of transformation because of it. That may or may not come to pass, but there`s little doubt in anyone`s mind that this form of data analytics has started

| 06 May 2019

Using Artificial intelligence to Sense Buyer Intent

Some months ago, joined the ginger group of brands to combine artificial intelligence with mobile to get a heads-up in anticipating a customer’s purchase intent. app users now not only receive instant booking access to a destination with a single

| 28 Dec 2018