Customer Analytics

Marketers: Shed Desktop Mindset, Mobile is THE Tool of Customer Acquisition

Earlier this week, PayPal’s Director of Mobile Commerce Rob Harper told the audience at a retail conference that choosing not to put mobile strategy as a top priority was exercising the choice to ‘ignore’ customer needs. Rob had hit the nail on its head. Expl

| 10 Mar 2016

Does Your Business Use Emotion-based Customer Segmentation?

An article published in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) recently citing fresh research tries to initiate renewed debate on the importance of customer emotions in a marketing ecosystem. It calls for enterprises to pursue emotional connections as a science, and a strate

| 07 Dec 2015

The Many Benefits of Customer Segmentation

The many benefits of customer segmentation This is the last in the series of the ‘Operationalizing Data Analytics’ blog posts but certainly not the least important. Readers may recall an earlier post in this series called, ‘How To Build A Customer Profile Base’. Today’s

| 17 Nov 2015

Drawing Up A Prospects List for Your Business

In my previous blog post, we learned how to build a customer profile database, and the challenges while doing so. Taking off from there, today, I shall explain how to go about making a prospects list. Definition: A prospects list is a place very much like a catalog of th

| 21 Oct 2015

How to Build a Customer Profile Database

As I had promised in my previous post, I start today’s post by explaining how an Enterprise can operationalize analytics. The biggest challenge before any Enterprise, be it a B2B or B2C company, is – getting to know the customer. Build a customer interactions data

| 11 Oct 2015

Segmentation: An Important Marketing Strategy

In the current hyper-competitive business environment, understanding customers’ changing tastes and purchasing behavior is extremely important! Companies that do not track changing consumer wants and needs have seen a decline in their fortune. KODAK is just one but a ve

| 27 Mar 2014

The Process of Segmentation

The process of segmentation The question I attempt to answer in this post: Is there a scientific way of process of segmentation based on several dimensions? We all know that we can plot the shape of a curve on a two-dimensional graph or draw the shape of an object on a th

| 18 Aug 2013