Marketing Analytics

Is combining Marketing Mix Modeling with Attribution Modeling the way forward?

For decades, traditional marketers faced a challenge while allotting their marketing budgets among various marketing channels. Today, with the advent of digital modes of communication such as television and the Internet, as well as computing devices of all kinds, that j

| 12 Feb 2016

Why Adaptive Personalization is Getting Critical for Business

Way back in 2010, one of the conclusions of the IBM ‘Global CEO Study’ was the acknowledgment by 88% of CEOs that their priority was to get their businesses closer to customers in the next five years. Yet here we are, at the start of 2016, and it would not be an exagger

| 14 Jan 2016

Google’s experiment with grocery – How Traditional Players can Survive?

This line in a news report in London’s The Guardian – First they (Google) came for your search, then they came for your phone, now they want your groceries – seems like a wake-up call for retail grocers. The report was about the search major announcing that Goo

| 14 Sep 2015

How You can Use Analytics as A Retailer to Save Your Store

Reports of retail stores shutting down in the United States and elsewhere are coming in almost every week, leading to some analysts painting a doomsday scenario for this sector. A few others have labelled it, ‘Retail Apocalypse’. But it need not be so. Analy

| 30 Aug 2015

Digital Marketing Ecosystem, Where to Start?

The New future of Digital Marketing If you have ever been to a large city like New York, you might have had to use public transit. One of how. Digital Marketing Ecosystem, Where to Start? Digital Marketing is rapidly becoming more complex. The number of channels and the n

| 04 Feb 2015

Improving the Response Rates of Email Marketing

If you are like most marketing managers the topmost thing in your mind is to generate more revenue with your marketing spend. Perhaps your performance is measured on it. In effect, you are expected to invent the perpetual machine which takes no input but generates infin

| 30 Jul 2014

Improving the Response Rates of Email Marketing #2

By Hemant Warudkar. Everything in marketing is about being relevant to the context of the customer. Having said that, when we set out on achieving this lofty goal we run into several challenges. One of the major considerations is the definition of the size of the opportu

| 21 Jul 2014

Role of Social Media, Data Analytics in (Loksabha) General Elections 2014 in India

(Our objective through this article is to provide insights through the use of data analytics and social media for  informed decision making.) Recently 16th (Loksabha) General elections were conducted in India. They were conducted in 9 phases across the country. Even before

| 16 Jun 2014

What is Digital Marketing?

Some of you must be aware of the recently held general elections in India. The results are out to see. There is much more to learn from the results. While I don’t intend to talk about political learning, my focus is going to be the use of social media and online m

| 05 Jun 2014