What is A Data Fabric And What Is It’s Business Value

There’s a new buzzword in the world of data analytics, and that is – data fabric. The word, which denotes a definitive environment comprising a united ecosystem consisting of all the

| 22 Apr 2020

The Upsurge in Use of Data Catalog

Which other challenge do data-driven enterprises face in addition to the hurdle of poor or dirty data? The answer is – finding where their data, both structured and unstructured, is stored. Corporations that rely on copious amounts of data run into this problem sooner th

| 09 Jan 2020

5 Data Analytics Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

The end of the year throws up the inevitable question – which trends in data analytics shall emerge or be prevalent the next year? There’s little doubt that data and its analysis made even more gains in 2019 compared to the previous years. Not only did we see some new te

| 01 Jan 2020

Slowly Changing Dimensions Type 2 and the Issues in Deployment

In the previous blog, I had explained the different types of Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) that can be used in dimensional modeling for tracking changes. In this blog, I shall be focusing on the Type 2 form of SCD and the issues associated with its implementation. Bef

| 03 Dec 2019

Homomorphic Encryption is about to go Mainstream

Homomorphic encryption has been around as a concept in academia but it’s only now that it has started to be used in the world of business. Two things have made that possible: this form of encryption has gotten fast enough, and it has become scalable. The global homomorp

| 27 Nov 2019

When Data Becomes the Business of Every Business

Enterprises globally are evolving. Much of it has got to do with data. Already, some of the world’s big Internet and IT companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have become data-centric businesses. Such a business model has data at the core. At the start of 2019, dat

| 25 Oct 2019

The Next Big Thing in Analytics is Embedded Business Intelligence

More and more businesses today are looking at deploying embedded business intelligence solutions. The reasons are many: the huge time gap between delivery, interpretation, and implementation of traditional data analytics solutions, the added value companies can provide

| 09 Sep 2019

What is a Slowly Changing Dimension, and the Logic in Implementation

In business, one of the most important resources you need to manage is time; you have only X number of hours in a day in which you have to complete your tasks. This is especially true when you are working in a service industry where you have to complete all your routine

| 11 Jul 2019

What is a Recommendation Engine and How Does it Work?

In today’s digital world, a recommendation engine is one of the most powerful tools for marketing. A recommender system is nothing but an information filtering system composed of machine learning algorithms that predict a given customer’s ratings or preferen

| 24 Apr 2019