Why Data Governance is Important and Why Organizations Fail at It

So far as organizational strategy goes, the one that has been in the focus of late is data governance. Ever since data analytics as technology and technique was added as a major weapon to an Enterprise’s competitive armory, governance of the data, too, has gained importa

| 29 Sep 2017

Top 3 Trends in Business Intelligence

Where is the world of Business Intelligence headed this year? Here’s a slideshow that examines the top trends in 2017.

| 25 May 2017

Analytics in Sports – A Growing Business

Super Bowl time in the United States is a good enough reason to take a re-look at the technological improvements in the world of sports, especially at the business end. Like any other discipline, or profession, or business, sports, too, spews out big data, necessitating

| 01 Feb 2017

Top 5 Trends in Data Analytics in 2016

Data analytics was on top of the investment list of many global organizations in 2016. Express Analytics analysts took a hard look at the data landscape around them to understand the direction in which big data and analytics had moved this year. The EA team realized that

| 16 Oct 2016

10 Things about Computer Vision and Data Analytics You May Not Know

To most people, a digital image is just a picture. But to a computer, an image is a tapestry of pixels to be broken down and analyzed. The extraction of information from still images and even video, using image processing techniques including algorithms, will be monetiz

| 04 Oct 2016

Mobile Commerce: Changing the Way We Do Business

Mobile Commerce, or m-commerce, refers to the new way companies are doing business that is centered around the increasing use of mobile devices like phones, tablets, and smartbooks. First developed as SMS-based services in the mid-1990s, m-commerce has shifted toward us

| 08 Sep 2016

Pokémon GO – A New Opportunity for Marketers

The world of gaming has not been the same since July 6, the day Pokémon GO was launched. Within days of its launch, it started setting new records. Here’s one  – within a week of its US launch, it had over 65 million registered users. Besides gamers, marketers, advertiser

| 22 Jul 2016