What is Digital Marketing?

Some of you must be aware of the recently held general elections in India. The results are out to see. There is much more to learn from the results. While I don’t intend to talk about political learning, my focus is going to be the use of social media and online m

| 05 Jun 2014
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Dimensional Modeling

Dimensional Modeling Profile Dimension (aka Junk Dimension aka Mystery Dimension) Hello readers! I hope you all are enjoying the colorful spring! This time I am going to tell you a story about a new friend of mine, who lives on the Main Street of the Dimensional Modeling t

| 12 May 2014
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What’s in a Name? A Lot if You are Talking Databases

Database Design – Naming Conventions Well, that’s a pretty popular line, however, not most Data Architects would agree with Shakespeare on that! Talking about “Name”, here is an incident that I remember. One day, a new guy in my team created a table and called it “I_W

| 16 Apr 2014
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Segmentation: An Important Marketing Strategy

In the current hyper-competitive business environment, understanding customers’ changing tastes and purchasing behavior is extremely important! Companies that do not track changing consumer wants and needs have seen a decline in their fortune. KODAK is just one but a ve

| 27 Mar 2014
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Marketing is Strategy and Strategy is Destiny

In an article in the December 2013 issue of the Harvard Business Review, Author Professor Niraj Dawar argues that today upstream activities – such as sourcing, production, and logistics – are being commoditized or outsourced, while downstream activities aime

| 17 Feb 2014
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The Process of Segmentation

The process of segmentation The question I attempt to answer in this post: Is there a scientific way of process of segmentation based on several dimensions? We all know that we can plot the shape of a curve on a two-dimensional graph or draw the shape of an object on a th

| 18 Aug 2013
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Experimenting and optimizing with the email content

THE WHAT Once you have identified the customer segment that you want to target, the next monumental task in front of the direct marketing folks is to grab the attention of the audience and keep it on the message that you want to convey. The composition of the email, start

| 30 Jul 2013
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