Customer Experience

Why is Customer Personalization Important?

What is customer personalization? How to achieve customer personalization? Data science is helping in rewriting the dynamics of business but in today’s fiercely competitive world the focus is on delivering a highly personalized experience to your customers. But it

| 02 Aug 2021

In Today’s Digital World, Competitive Advantage For Financial Services Lies Only In Customer Satisfaction

The results of a new poll released last week by the deVere Group show that more than half of the world’s millennials are happy to switch to, or already have, to a digital-only bank. In today’s digital world, competitive advantage for financial services lies only in cust

| 30 Jul 2021

5 Ways to A Better Customer Experience

How many times have your customers remarked after an interaction with your business – what an excellent experience? Whether you are a B2C or B2B company, the customer is king (sounds clichéd but it’s true), and customer satisfaction is your business’ ultimate aim i

| 08 Jan 2017