Data analytics in retail

Why You Need to Implement Omnichannel Retailing Straightaway

Why you need to implement omnichannel retailing straightaway? There was a time when retailers could only fantasize about selling everywhere. It was a retailer’s version of a Utopian dream. Then came technology and big data analytics, and boom, omnichannel retail s

| 28 Apr 2017

How to Successfully Deploy Data Analytics in Retail?

Today, on these pages, we are going to discuss an issue that, over the years, has come to play a leading role in the business of retail – data analytics. Know more about key to successful deployment methods of data analytics in retail. The immediate reason for this post

| 23 Mar 2017

How to Use Retail Data Analytics for Customer Retention?

There used to be a time not so long ago when shopping was a flat, unidimensional experience. There was the retailer and there was the customer. The first had something to offer; the latter could either take it or leave it. Somewhere in this equation, there used to be so

| 16 Jul 2015