Data Discovery

Everything You Need To Know About XOps

There's a new buzzword in town, one that made it to the Gartner's list of key trends, too. Called XOps, it's roots lie in Development and Operations (DevOps). While DevOps falls short of achieving full automation, XOps, an umbrella term is used for a combination of IT tech. The ability to relate to customers in multiple segments is crucial for maximizing customer benefits. By analyzing data sets of similar customers, a class of artificial intelligence called machine learning can determine the most valuable customer segments. By using machine learning, customers can be segmented automatically since manual segmentation can take months or years.

| 19 Jan 2022

Why Does Data Discovery Matter To Enterprise

Data discovery is an important part of the data landscape and understanding your company's data is crucial for progress and innovation. In this, data discovery is an important step. Read more on data discovery.

| 28 Dec 2021