Data Visualization

Analytics Dashboards: Some Say The End Is Near, We Say Not So Fast

When a year comes to an end, there’s always a tendency to look back at the days gone by to analyze what certain developments mean for a certain industry or sector. So, as the curtains are set to come down in 2020, we at Express Analytics, too, plan to bring you a roundu

| 09 Jun 2021

Building An Easy-To-Understand Analytics Dashboard Is Easier Said Than Done

Analytics dashboards have evolved over the decades, and now, the latest iteration is the interactive analytical dashboard. With the advent of data analytics, for a business, visualizing the data and interacting on a single screen has become a necessity. What is an Analy

| 01 Apr 2021

The Many Routes From Data To Visualization

Data visualization makes it comparatively easy for the human brain to comprehend the information, but simultaneously, visualization also helps in detecting patterns and outliers in data sets. The increasing dependence on data has made it imperative to translate informatio

| 17 Mar 2021

How Natural Language Processing is Helping Democratize Business Intelligence

In the 1st part, we looked at the various stages of development of NLP, and its uses, especially in search. In the 2nd and final part of the blog post, we will look at how exactly is NLP used in BI, and the hurdles it still faces. A minuscule percentage of those in the bus

| 29 Jan 2018

The State Of Natural Language Processing Today

Readers of this blog may have realized that Natural Language Processing (NLP) was missing from our ‘5 Data Analytical Trends To Watch For in 2018’ post. Our in-house team of predictive data analysts says it lost out to the other trends by a narrow margin. But that in no

| 11 Jan 2018

Power of Sankey Diagram in Data Visualization

Data Visualization is one of the greatest ways to simplify the complexity of understanding relationships among data. Sankey Diagram is one such powerful technique to visualize the association of data elements. They are named after the Irishman Matthew Henry Phineas Rial

| 01 Jul 2014