Digital Marketing

The Use Of Machine Learning In Marketing: Saving Cost of Customer Acquisition

Marketers are increasingly finding machine learning (ML) an ally in their work. Although a new entrant here as compared to other fields, the use of commercial machine learning in digital marketing has started to reduce wasteful expenditure and resources considerably. Kn

| 18 Jan 2021

Digital Marketing Ecosystem, Where to Start?

The New future of Digital Marketing If you have ever been to a large city like New York, you might have had to use public transit. One of how. Digital Marketing Ecosystem, Where to Start? Digital Marketing is rapidly becoming more complex. The number of channels and the n

| 04 Feb 2015

What is Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing? Some of you must be aware of the recently held general elections in India. The results are out to see. There is much more to learn from the results. While I don’t intend to talk about political learning, my focus is going to be the use o

| 05 Jun 2014