Email Marketing

Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing

Email marketing offers many benefits. Marketing by email is a great way to customize your campaigns and produce targeted content. One way to do this is to engage an already engaged audience. In addition, it is extremely cost-effective in comparison with other marketing channels.

| 01 May 2021

The Use Of Machine Learning In Marketing: Saving Cost of Customer Acquisition

Marketers are increasingly finding machine learning (ML) an ally in their work. Although a new entrant here as compared to other fields, the use of commercial machine learning in digital marketing has started to reduce wasteful expenditure and resources considerably. Kn

| 18 Jan 2021

Improving the Response Rates of Email Marketing

If you are like most marketing managers the topmost thing in your mind is to generate more revenue with your marketing spend. Perhaps your performance is measured on it. In effect, you are expected to invent the perpetual machine which takes no input but generates infin

| 30 Jul 2014

Improving the Response Rates of Email Marketing #2

Everything in marketing is about being relevant to the context of the customer. Having said that, when we set out on achieving this lofty goal we run into several challenges. One of the major considerations is the definition of the size of the opportunity. Let us assume

| 21 Jul 2014