Finance Analytics

Growing Role of Finance Analytics in Banking

If ever there’s been a sector where analytics could play a stellar role, it’s banking. Data is something that banks have been dealing with for ages, and its scientific analysis can help them bring about major performance improvements, leading to a boost in their bottom

| 21 May 2018

The Growing Value of Finance Analytics

Since data science went mainstream, financial institutions (FI), including banks have started adopting it, or should one say, adapting to it? The areas where Finance analytics is deployed are: cost management, risk management, taxation, fund management, forecasting, profitabili

| 08 May 2018

How Analytics is Re-defining Financial Planning & Analysis

Today’s Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) find themselves under increasing pressure to execute Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) processes faster to discover insights that would augment the company’s future results. Many finance departments find themselves tasked

| 14 May 2016