Retail Analytics

Dynamic Pricing – The Inevitable Future Of Traditional Retail

What is the biggest threat to retail today? Why are traditional retail businesses witnessing a steep downfall in their top and bottom lines? Forget about the numbers, why is the very presence of real-world retail suddenly endangered? Dynamic pricing is the inevitable futu

| 30 Jul 2021

5 Predictive Analytics Use Cases for Retail Industry

Retail analytics is about using data to identify the factors that are impacting business outcomes. It also helps retailers evaluate strategies and understand why certain strategies are working or not. It can also help uncover how customers are behaving so that you can tr

| 15 Mar 2020

Why You Need to Implement Omnichannel Retailing Straightaway

Why you need to implement omnichannel retailing straightaway? There was a time when retailers could only fantasize about selling everywhere. It was a retailer’s version of a Utopian dream. Then came technology and big data analytics, and boom, omnichannel retail s

| 28 Apr 2017

Here’s How to Survive in the Retail Business Despite Amazon

Retailers in the United States (US) and their counterparts across the globe are beginning to see a common business threat. That “danger” is in the form of Amazon, the online e-commerce giant that threatens to grab even more retail market share as the years roll by. Two b

| 11 Apr 2017

How to Use Retail Analytics to Save Your Store?

Reports of retail stores shutting down in the United States and elsewhere are coming in almost every week, leading to some analysts painting a doomsday scenario for this sector. A few others have labelled it, ‘Retail Apocalypse’. But it need not be so. Analy

| 30 Aug 2015