Retail Analytics

Dynamic Pricing – The Inevitable Future Of Traditional Retail

What is the biggest threat to retail today? Why are traditional retail businesses witnessing a steep downfall in their top and bottom lines? Forget about the numbers, why is the very presence of real-world retail suddenly endangered? Dynamic pricing is the inevitable futu

| 30 Jul 2021

Top 5 Predictive Analytics Use Cases in Retail marketing

Recent years have seen a surge in demand for data analytics in the retail industry. What is analytics? It’s a broad term used to describe using data, mostly from different sources or systems, to analyze and interpret performance. In the retail sector, this may inv

| 15 Mar 2020

Why You Need to Implement Omnichannel Retailing Straightaway

There was a time when retailers could only fantasize about selling everywhere. It was a retailer’s version of a Utopian dream. Then came technology and big data analytics, and boom, omnichannel retail suddenly was achievable. Omnichannel shopping is really a contin

| 28 Apr 2017

Here’s How to Survive in the Retail Business Despite Amazon

Retailers in the United States (US) and their counterparts across the globe are beginning to see a common business threat. That “danger” is in the form of Amazon, the online e-commerce giant that threatens to grab even more retail market share as the years roll by. Two b

| 11 Apr 2017

How You can Use Analytics as A Retailer to Save Your Store

Reports of retail stores shutting down in the United States and elsewhere are coming in almost every week, leading to some analysts painting a doomsday scenario for this sector. A few others have labelled it, ‘Retail Apocalypse’. But it need not be so. Analy

| 30 Aug 2015