Retail and Consumer Goods

Higher sales and marketing RoI in the ‘do more with less’ world

While eCommerce sales have accelerated across industries, it has created a data deluge – a boon if you can use it, an unmanageable bane if you can’t manage it.

Express Analytics harnesses the power of data and analytics to help you transform your omnichannel marketing outcomes with improved business and predictive revenue models.

We are laser-focused on helping you leverage insights from your customer data to drive more retail profits with fewer investments.

Our unified, data-rich environment, coupled with AI driven predictive algorithms can deliver:

Unified 360-degree customer view from diverse online and offline data sources for personalization and CX at scale

Intelligent, granular segmentation to ensure higher conversions at lower costs

Predictive models for campaign planning to help drive better campaign RoI

Sentiment analysis/ Voice of customer for actionable insights that directly impact CSAT scores

AI driven recommender systems for higher conversion at every moment of truth

Any custom model your unique business needs

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