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Detect Outliers In Data Wrangling: Examples and Use Cases

How To Detect Outliers In Data Wrangling: Examples and Use Cases Outlier Detection: Detection of outliers is a very important part of the data wrangling process. Outliers are those values of an attribute which lie far off from the majority values present for that attribute

| 17 Aug 2022

How to Grow Your Business Using A CDP

Consider implementing a customer data platform for your business if you want to take it to the next level. You can use a CDP to collect, manage, and use customer-related data to improve your marketing and sales efforts.

| 13 Jun 2022

Why You May Require Customer Data Platform Consulting

More and more businesses are buying a customer data platform but it’s after purchase that many realize that a CDP poses certain operational challenges; indeed, sometimes understanding how it works itself can pose to be quite a hurdle. This is where a customer data platform consultant can help you get the most out of your CDP, helping you use it to its optimum.

| 14 Mar 2022

Express Analytics Launches Analytics CDP to Help Merchants in 3rd-party cookies

Express Analytics launched an Analytical Customer Data Platform at eTail West 2022 to address the need of retailers

| 25 Feb 2022

Oyster Customer Data Platform

Introduction Of Oyster CDP (Customer Data Platform) Oyster is an artificial intelligence/machine learning-powered analytic customer data platform (CDP) and digital marketing analytics platform offered by Express Analytics that provides intelligent prescriptions that go b

| 02 Feb 2022

Role of Customer Data Platforms in A Post Third Party Cookie World

The world is marching towards an era where there shall beno more 3rd-party cookies. In such a world, a customer data platform will play an even more critical role in tracking a customer's journey. The right CDP should be able to aggregate and utilize both first and zero-party data to create real-time, personalized profiles of your customers and prospects, enabling your business to meet them where and when they (customers) want to be met.

| 06 Dec 2021

How to Get Insights from Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

In this post, we will discuss how you can use data-based insights from a CDP to boost business growth, improve operations, generate new revenue, improve customer relationships, and enhance product development.

| 17 Aug 2021

What is Data Wrangling? What are the Steps in Data Wrangling?

What is Data Wrangling? Data wrangling is the practice of converting and then plotting data from one “raw” form into another. The aim is to make it ready for downstream analytics. Often in charge of this is a data wrangler or a team of “mungers”. As any data analyst will

| 30 Jul 2021

Analytics Dashboards: Some Say The End Is Near, We Say Not So Fast

Analytics Dashboards: Some Say The End Is Near, We Say Not So Fast When a year comes to an end, there’s always a tendency to look back at the days gone by to analyze what certain developments mean for a certain industry or sector. So, as the curtains are set to come down

| 09 Jun 2021