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Data And Analytics Expertise
for Every Marketing
Challenge on Your
Growth Path


Efficient, Intelligent and Easy Decisioning for Modern Marketers

At Express Analytics our intelligent algorithms, evolved and proven over time, promise an ‘over 90%’ level of accuracy, and offer insights that help you punch way above your weight.
We’ll find hidden treasures to transform your data into differentiated experiences that customers love and competitors’ envy.


Solid Technical Expertise.
Elegant Marketing Solutions

At Express Analytics our product stand at the intersection of marketing expertise, data integration, and data science. This unique functional and technical integration optimizes marketing along a constant improvement spiral.

See how the consistent incremental value we deliver helps you do more with less each year.


Insights That Immediately Move the Needle for Your High-Growth Business

Our unique modular approach helps solve immediate business challenges and deliver immediate results. In parallel, each module helps cement your data-readiness for future scale and complexity. Our in-house full-scale CDP, Oyster, is available to our customers, one or more modules at a time. Leverage capabilities as you grow and scale, without the stress – or investment – of a full-scale deployment.

It’s the sweet spot between fastest time-to-value with value-for-money pricing your growing business needs.


Customer Intimacy is Our Growth Secret. We Can Help Make it Yours too

We know what keeps our customers up at night. We cut right to the chase to focus on the analytics and insights that matter to your business today, even as we build your data foundations for the future.

Learn more about our 5-point value framework that makes us the preferred analytics partner for the fastest-growing brands in consumer marketing.