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5 criteria to help you select the right marketing analytics solution

Without doubt, data analytics has become a very important tool in every marketer’s arsenal. Studies have shown that on an average, 12% of the total marketing budgets in 2016 was allocated to analytics by major and medium-sized enterprises. And, it's expected to grow next year. So perhaps, the crucial question that marketers wanting to deploy data analytics in 2017 will face is – which is the right marketing analytics solution for

The War of the Algorithms

Algorithms are biased, opaque and scalable. Dr. Cathy O'Neil calls them Weapons of Math Destruction in her new book. In particular, those algorithms that are used to segment customers into the good, the bad and the ugly segments. Today, unknown to us, many aspects of our individual and corporate lives are governed by algorithms. This is the opacity that we are unaware of. It is the inconvenient truth that no one is

Pokémon GO – a new opportunity for marketers

The world of gaming has not been the same since July 6, the day Pokémon GO was launched. Within days of its launch, it started setting new records. Here’s one  – within a week of its US launch, it had over 65 million registered users. Besides gamers,marketers, advertisers and data analysts are delighted with Pokémon GO, for it has opened up new possibilities for them. AR, has suddenly gone mainstream with Pokémon

Retail is increasingly relying on data analytics to retain customers

The digital transformation of retail and the need for Analytics There used to be a time not so long ago when shopping was a flat, unidimensional experience. There was the retailer and there was the customer. The first had something to offer; the latter could either take it or leave it. Somewhere in this equation there used to be some sops on offer like price cuts or freebies as customer bait. Computing

Digital Marketing Ecosystem, where to start?

Digital Marketing is rapidly becoming more complex. The number of channels and the number of devices are increasing everyday. When our company started on our journey on the road of digital marketing, we discovered a bewildering array of technologies, processes and skills to be mastered. We have discovered the single biggest truth about digital marketing, -- there is no point solution that will work for this objective. Let us look at the

Improving the response rates of email marketing

If you are like most marketing managers the top most thing in your mind is to generate more revenue with your marketing spend. Perhaps your performance is measured on it. In effect you are expected to invent the perpetual machine which takes no input but generates infinite output, or so it seems. Most companies today use emails as a main way to communicate their marketing messages with their customers. Yet the

Improving the response rates of email marketing #2

By Hemant Warudkar. Everything in marketing is about being relevant to the context of the customer. Having said that, when we set out on achieving this lofty goal we run into a number of challenges. One of the major consideration is the definition of the size of the opportunity. Let us assume that we email every one of our email list of 10 million members. Let us define response rate in marketing parlance. Response

What is Digital Marketing?

Some of you must be aware about the recently held general elections in India. The results are out to see. There is much more to learn from the results. While, I don't intend to talk about the political learning's, my focus is going to be the use of social media and online marketing for campaign and use this to talk about the same.  The social media has been used effectively

Marketing is strategy and strategy is destiny.

In an article in the December 2013 issue of the Harvard Business Review,  Author Professor Niraj Dawar argues that today upstream activities - such as sourcing, production, and logistics - are being commoditized or outsourced, while downstream activities aimed at reducing consumer's costs and risks are emerging as  drivers of value creation and sources of competitive advantage. Today the locus of competitive advantage lie outside the firm and the advantage is


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