Big Data & Data Warehousing

Analytics @ Speed Of Thought!
Unlock the value in your data sets & reap the rewards. We help you make a useful story out of all available data.

Express Analytics solutions handle the complexity of data management so that Enterprise managements can spend their time acting on the insights our tools provide.

  • Big Data Extraction

  • Our specialty is in extracting & loading the data.
  • Integrating & preparing data for Analysis.
  • Visualizing & reporting results
  • Big Data Analytics

  • We use various tools & strategies for processing massive datasets using the map/reduce framework to analyzing Big Data
  • From scalable basic analysis to advanced analytics, predictive modeling, or graph analysis, we aim to solve all problems in your industry
  • Big Data Integration

  • Express Analytics specializes in decoding the signal from the noise & recognizing the patterns in the data.
  • For example, we use the digital exhaust from social media & integrate it with the first party data from our client's organization to deliver insights.

Data Warehousing: Express Analytics has vast experience with data warehouse implementations across diverse industries. We understand that data warehouse architecture and tools used to build the data warehouse are critical to create an analytical infrastructure which is resilient in the event of changes. We have built several analytical solutions that have successfully weathered the subsequent mergers & acquisitions our clients experienced.

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EA Solutions Help With:

  • Volume & Variety - the different types of structured & unstructured data such as transaction-level data, video/audio, or text & log files which we help tackle.
  • Value - much of Big Data is noise with signals embedded in it whose value we help unlock.
  • Veracity - an indication of data integrity & the ability for an organization to trust the data which we help authenticate.
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