7 Easy Ways to Use AI in Content Marketing Right Now

Creating relevant and engaging content by keeping marketing goals and the audience’s needs in mind is not an easy job. 

Moreover, preparing a content strategy and sticking to a regular publishing schedule can be challenging for businesses with limited resources and time.

Artificial intelligence steps in this case as it uses natural language processing to boost content marketing campaigns in smart ways.

A recent report found that 68% of marketers use AI to speed up and streamline their content marketing tasks.

Apart from content generation, data analysis, and task automation, artificial intelligence has unlimited applications in the case of marketing, but also a few possible risks.

Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts

Most essential AI marketing solutions use the features of AI and ML to provide useful insights to marketers in a matter of minutes.

Today, let’s find out in detail below:

Helps spark new content ideas and topics

Artificial intelligence technology has evolved so much in a couple of years. Content writers use AI content generator tools to identify which key phrases and keywords to collect and use in their content. 

These tools are handy to content marketers, bloggers, website owners, and companies to thoroughly understand their customers and improve existing content according to their customers’ search intentions. 

AI used for content creation can create marketing messages, blogs, email subject lines, subtitles for videos, and website copies to focus on the target audience.

Natural language processing and chatbots can comprehend things like humans to an extent. 

AI in content marketing is the best option to reach and interact with your niche audience.

Looking for Marketing Insights to Improve Customer Loyalty

Simply provide an AI-based tool/software with relevant information about your website, and it will provide you with unique content ideas matching your niche. 

Adds conciseness to content

In content marketing, you must produce quality content to turn the maximum number of heads. This is only possible when your content ticks all the boxes.

Keeping content concise and engaging is something most digital marketers, writers, and bloggers find challenging. 

However, getting assistance from AI-based writing tools can be helpful. For example, a summarizing tool by Editpad can condense long-winded content into a brief version that is easy to digest.

Let’s understand this through an example involving the above summarizing tool. We will insert any random text into an AI summarizing tool to see if it can summarize the text efficiently.

Here’s what the tool came up with:

AI Summarizing Tool

As you can see in the above visual demonstration, the AI-powered summarizer smartly adds conciseness to the text.

Now it is easy to read. This is how AI can help make your content to the point, so readers find it reader-friendly and engaging. 

Optimizes content with relevant visual elements

Visuals matter when it comes to making your marketing content appealing. No one likes reading a lengthy piece of text.

You know that creating and gathering relevant multimedia elements can be tricky.  

Now, with AI technology, users can generate high-quality pictures or videos about any topic in less time.

The following are the images an AI image platform has to offer for the prompt: 

‘’Create high-quality images for a blog post titled ”How to Train a Dog.” Add details with high-definition clarity. Make sure it is relevant to the blog post title.’’


The AI platform provided us with high-quality 4 images in less than a minute. Now you don’t need to pay heavily to photo editors.

Anyone can generate pictures and videos with the utmost accuracy and efficiency with AI.

Assists in adding relevant keywords and calls-to-action

Adding SEO-friendly key phrases into the content can often be challenging. This is because you need to use these phrases naturally so that readers don’t have the impression that the content has been optimized for search engines, not for readers.

Google has said numerous times that content created to manipulate search engine rankings won’t be given any preferences. 

Apart from keyword placement, AI can also help add appropriate and appealing calls to action.

Content without calls to action is like a car without a driver. There are many writing tools out there that can help you with that. 

Let’s break it down through an example involving an AI assistant to show how it can add keywords and calls to action to a subheading titled ‘’how to lose weight without diet or exercise.’’

Here’s the prompt we’ll give to the AI writing assistant:

‘’Write a paragraph on the topic of how to lose weight without diet or exercise. Add the following keywords naturally and professionally, along with necessary calls to action. Must add the following keywords: lose weight without diet or exercise, weight loss without dieting, natural weight loss tips.’’

AI assistant’s output:

AI-based Writing

As you can observe in the above picture, the AI-based writing assistant professionally adds the required keywords into the text without looking weird or promotional.

Plus, it also incorporates a proper CTA to conclude the text, encouraging readers to continue reading for more useful information. 

Aids in proofreading and performing content quality checks

No one would want to spend their time and effort creating and publishing content that is vague and full of writing errors. 

Artificial intelligence is used by online grammar tools to learn the writing habits of each person and deliver suggestions according to the person’s style.

Convert Your Website Visitors into Profitable Customers

These tools learn from their communication with such users and will not suggest the same suggestion if you ignore it once. 

These tools can flag any writing problem in the nick of time, and you can spend that saved time on other things that matter the most.

Semantic artificial intelligence can also tell if the given piece of text makes any sense logically. This is how you can produce quality content free from any potential mistakes.

Let’s show you how an AI proofreader works to catch mistakes in a given piece of text. We’ll insert content full of writing mistakes into an AI proofreader to see how that goes.

AI proofreaderUpon inserting the content, here’s how the AI proofreader responded:

AI proofreader detection

The AI proofreader automatically detects all the mistakes in the provided text (as shown in the above picture).

Upon clicking on the highlighted word, it also explains why it is wrong. This is how you can produce quality content without any potential mistakes using AI. 

Tracks engagement and improves results

That’s important! The better you can tell what kind of content is performing well, the better. 
AI measures engagement elements (social shares, bounce rate, comments, etc.) to know what kind of content is bringing you good results. You always know what appeals to your target audience

You can also A/B test new content drafts to scale up on what is doing well. 

Helps with content research

Quality research is a very important aspect of content marketing, and many marketers ignore this aspect in the process; however, content marketers won’t get a proper idea of their goals without research. 

Publishing thoroughly researched, human-written, or AI-generated content will increase the journey of your customers, and lead to building a brand reputation.

Article Summary

Whether you’re curating content from multiple sources or producing it from the beginning, there are many smaller activities to monitor. Content marketing can be complicated and overwhelming to manage for seasoned marketers.   

This is the reason we are seeing a large number of content marketers switching to AI-based solutions. Whether you want to come up with new ideas or produce SEO-optimized content, AI can do it all and come in handy in ways you can’t even imagine.

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