Planning To Invest In a Customer Data Platform?

Try Oyster: more than a CDP – a customer intelligence platform

  • Helps Integrate any Data and Prepare it with Ease
  • Provides 360 Degree View of your Customers
  • Oyster has over a dozen ML/AI Algorithms for various Marketing Use cases
  • Enables the ability to the Right Messages to the Right Customers at the Right Time through the Right Channel.
  • Increases your Marketing RoI


Try our Customer Data Platform for one full year at no charge with free support during the trial.

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Trusted by 80+ of the world's leading brands


Maximize marketing RoI

Optimize your budget by using unified customer view and cut down on unnecessary expenditure



Balancing customer consent with seamless customer journey thanks to privacy-first policy.


Amplify your data

Granular integration of data enrichment and identity resolution features, doing away with problem of less data


World without cookies

Unify, enhance, and activate first-party data to navigate a cookieless world

Leverage customer data in a privacy-conscious world

  • 1 Integrate Whether copious flow of data or a trickle. Oyster will fetch data from any source fast and easy, keeping customer privacy topmost in mind. Its AI-driven algorithm auto-checks incoming data quality
  • 2 Boost Oyster’s ML analytics /algorithms help build models that can be used to estimate Customer Lifetime Value, product preference, or even predict the future
  • 3 Switch ON Deliver quality experiences across the full customer journey by activating your data across all channels


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Express Analytics has enabled us to use data analytics as an effective base for all remarketing programs. The efficiencies gained have allowed us to redeploy marketing dollars for timely customized offers to more productive customer segments. The result: more engaged customers and higher return on marketing dollars invested.

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Thanks to Express Analytics, our Solar Turbines enterprise data warehouse was modernized, which paved the way for our master data management and data quality programs. That has accelerated our ability to deliver high-return analytics projects for our company. I give you guys a well-deserved “10”.