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EA's Recommender Engine

Increase online conversion, basket size using Oyster CDP’s Recommender Engine

What benefits can you get from EA CDP’s Recommendation Engine Module?

Delight customers with EA CDP’s laser precision Recommender Engine tool to recommend products across even the most complex product catalogs. EA CDP’s Recommendation Engine is backed by powerful AI algorithms to deliver top-notch recommendations. Increase overall sales and customer satisfaction with our powerful recommendations.

Increase Average Order Value

Whether you want to sell combination products or just add a totally new product, increase the Average Order Value with our advanced recommendations

Deliver more Engaging content

Deliver relevant product recommendations by analyzing the customer’s current site usage, previous browsing history and other metrics

Improve User Experience

Reduce bounce ratio by recommending the right products so customers don’t have to search repeatedly and improve the user experience

Drive Higher Profits

Smart recommendations help to upsell and cross-sell thereby increasing basket size