Sentiment Analysis

Engage your customers from online to onsite.

Express Analytics puts the voice of the customer at the heart of the business. Increase foot traffic and delight customers at all your locations.

Express Scores™ for the hospitality industry

Hospitality is more than delivering food and shelter. Today’s customer has questions about covid-preparedness, pet-friendliness and more. Express Scores™ delivers localized sentiment analysis to deliver these answers to your customers. Stand out from the competition. Drive foot traffic to your locations. Use the real-time localized intelligence to drive continuous improvement at your locations.

How it works

Ingest reviews data

Input data from review sources like Tripadvisor, Yelp, Google and Bing.

Identify top customer care topics & rate sentiment

AI based analysis of reviews data. Filter out fake reviews. Extract the top customer care topics and rate customer sentiments around these themes. Adaptive content categorization on themes of most relevance to consumers.

Deploy dashboards

Location ratings on key consumer sentiments delivered as a corporate dashboard. Localized intelligence for franchisees on performance relative to regional/industry benchmarks.

Integrate output with online map searches

Sentiment analysis integration with Google Maps. Improve local marketing performance without increasing ad spend.

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