Oyster CDP

An Engine That Drives Customer Intelligence
Open – Extensible – Real Time

Oyster is not just a customer data platform (CDP). It is the world’s first customer insights platform (CIP). Why? At its core is your customer. Oyster is a “data unifying software”. When added to the top of an enterprise’s Martech stack, it helps manage your customer experience across every touchpoint – marketing, customer service, and product. Oyster adds agility to an enterprise’s analytics.


Unlike a customer relationship management platform, Oyster collects data from online and offline customers; even anonymous customer data. It collects enterprise data from all sources and makes it available 24X7 to your decision makers within an organization.

    Features Of Oyster CDP

    The AI-infused Oyster cdp customer data platform is packed with automation capabilities that makes day-to-day marketing tasks highly effective. Unlike other CDPs, the Oyster CIP goes beyond just merely integrating various sources of data and provides actionable intelligence obtained from various data points that can be integrated across all the business cells.

    • Data cleansing
    • Transformation and enrichment
    • Data centralization
    • Audience and segmentation

    Oyster’s cdp algorithm auto-checks incoming data quality. Then, the identity resolution cdp algorithm is deployed to identify customers. On an ongoing basis the addresses, emails, phone numbers and other aspects of a customer profile are updated Oyster’s recommendation engine provides suggestions to your marketing team at every step of the way.

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    How does Oyster Help With Customer Personalization?

    While multichannel marketing offers significant benefits to consumers, it can be challenging for retailers because no two consumers are exactly alike.

    For any marketing to be effective today, a 360° ‘customer view’ is necessary. Enterprises can utilize the Oyster CDP customer data platform to obtain enough information about buyers to better understand their buying behavior and model the process. Oyster allows you to drill down as much as you want to capture the “connect” between what looks like unrelated data.

    Advantages of Oyster:


    • Ability to identify the prospects who are likely to respond to a promotion
    • Potential to intervene with customers before they churn, thus preventing lose of market share
    • Capacity to estimate the value of a segment of prospects based on first transaction
    • Ability to deliver highly personalized product recommendations at scale
    • Capacity for developing CLTV models that can help better understand the buying potential of customers in given time range
    • Ability to segmentize customers based on recency, frequency and monetary value of their past transactions

    Oyster and Identity Resolution

    Most businesses are confused over identity of same customer. Marketers must always be aware of the journey each customer takes to buy across all channels, be it online or online. The full process of creating a 360° customer profile and using it to provide a unified customer experience is referred to as identity resolution.

    In one sentence, it means establishing a customer’s identity across all the channels he uses, and creating a common view of his/her prole. Oyster CDP customer data platform leaves no ambiguity about a customer’s identity.

    Why choose Oyster

    Three reasons – easy launch, easy integration, easy upgrade. For example, one of Oyster’s features is the individual graphical element or GUI that allows enterprises to track and personalize the user interface at an individual customer’s level.

    Oyster’s ML analytics /algorithms have evolved over time and have a very high level of accuracy. We assure you a strike rate of over 90 percent.

    Deploy Oyster to propel your marketing stack into a new orbit altogether.

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