Data Analytics

Asking the right questions to get the right answers

Analysis of data no longer is a buzzword, it’s a fact of business life that brands have come to accept. Data now leads the way in most business decision making processes.

Our data modelling techniques help you leverage your business analyst tool in the most efficient way, helping you successfully drive your project outcomes.

Data feeds from clients can come in various forms – behavioral, attributive, descriptive or interactive. CMOs can base their marketing decisions using the various models under Oyster.

Our data scientists will help select different techniques for different projects and design a model, accordingly. We can make – Response Modelling, email performance model or a model for any of your marketing campaigns.

Predictive Analytics

Find the value in your data. Our solutions empower a marketer with predictive models that help to forecast customer behavior.

We can deploy pre-built models in operational applications of Enterprise such as CRM, Point of Sales, & Call Center Application in order to improve the overall operational efficiency of an organization.

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Omnichannel analytics

A customer or prospect initiates several steps such as browsing your website before reaching conversion point.

That conversion could be anything – from making a Prospect follow your blog to him filling up a form. Using Oyster, you can set up 1 or more such “events” (actions taken by visitors) and get easy-to-read reports.

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Customer Journey Analytics

Going through the funnel, a Prospect leaves behind information at every part of his/her journey, which is available in the form of structured and unstructured data.

To capture this information and transform it into actionable insights to guide business decisions is the core solution that Oyster Customer Analytics provides.

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