Cognitive Computing

Why Unstructured Data is Important for Your Business?

The collection and management of data require the right set of tools to aid the process. But not all data comes in the same form. It can be divided into two – unstructured and structured data.  Unstructured and Structured Data: What’s the Difference? Unstructu

| 13 Nov 2016

Top 5 Trends in Data Analytics in 2016

Data analytics was on top of the investment list of many global organizations in 2016. Express Analytics analysts took a hard look at the data landscape around them to understand the direction in which big data and analytics had moved this year. Know more about top 5 tr

| 16 Oct 2016

How Cognitive Computing Can Transform Your Business?

Cognitive computing today is like the embryonic chick beginning to peck its way out of the egg. – Hadley Reynolds, Principal Analyst, NextEra Research: May 2016. It’s been around for 50 years, going from the drawing board to the lab to field tests, but it’s only no

| 14 Sep 2016