Fitness firm and customer segmentation

We helped a global fitness firm regain unresponsive customers

Santa Monica, California-based Beachbody is a worldwide leader in health and fitness. Fitness, nutrition, and support are all part of its comprehensive approach, proven to change people’s lives completely.

Beachbody wanted to invest in a new channel of communication, i.e., direct marketing. But having a very large customer base meant it was not possible to send out direct mailers to all, as that would have been cost-prohibitive. At the same time, it wanted to use analytics to market to the most persuadable customers whom it could not reach by email. This is where Express Analytics came in. We decided to score their customer base in order to segmentize the customers.

EA developed segmentation based on predictive models. The predictions scores of all inactive customers helped EA to segment this category of customers and target them with the direct mails.

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    Fitness firm and customer segmentation

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