How a North American manufacturer of lighting increased its revenue with CDP Oyster

Customer Data Platform (CDP) Case Study: Manufacturer and retailer of lighting and fixtures, Lamps Plus is a leader in the industry. Lamps Plus experienced challenges optimizing its email and direct mail marketing campaigns with the rise of digital. In order to achieve greater return on investment for catalogs and improve open and click rates for emails, the company needed a comprehensive Customer Interaction Management (CIM) database that would integrate data emanating from all sources.

Lamps Plus Direct Marketing served around 5 million households. Despite this, it was not able to integrate data from the store and web transactions, browse information, email campaign data, and email interactions. Marketing programs like email and direct mail were not optimized. There was no integration of customer data from different sources.

Having established processes to cleanse, standardize, and enrich the customer data, Express Analytics implemented customer segmentation based on historical transactions and customer response to campaigns.

From improved open rates and click rates alone, the retailer saved about $200K during the first year.

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    How a North American manufacturer of lighting increased its revenue with CDP Oyster

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