Voice of Customer Analytics

| 10 Mar 2021

Voice Of Customer Analytics – The What, Why, And How 

Voice of the Customer Analytics (VoCA) is about understanding how your customers feel about your products and services after using them, as well as what they expect from your company. Customers’ expectations are defined by this process, and products are developed to meet those needs. In Voice of Customer Analytics (VoCA), unstructured data, like reviews and social media data, are analyzed for relevant customer insights using data science and analytics tools.

Customers are increasingly becoming more skeptical in their purchasing decisions. They want to hear what others have to say about the product, and they want to see proof before they buy. Customer analytics is one of the best ways to combat this hesitancy in purchase. This e-book discusses the voice of customer program, why you should do it, and how to make it successful for your business.  

There are four aspects to Voice of Customer Analysis:

  • Needs of customers
  • Structure that is hierarchical
  • A priority list
  • Performance perceptions of customers

Voice of Customer (VoC) Analysis leverages data science and analytics. Information can be gathered from unstructured data using tools like product review data as well as data collected from social media sites.

Key questions to seek answers to before building your voice of customer strategy

When developing your voice of customer strategy, it’s important to answer these three questions:

  • What is the problem I’m trying to solve?
  • Who is the customer and what is their current situation?
  • What do they want or need?

If you can provide a solution that will address the customer’s current issue and improve their life, then you have a chance at marketing your product or service. 

Each question should be well thought out, and will help determine the issues customers are most concerned about. Companies can also use their in-house customer service or customer relations departments to collect feedback. This is the most common way companies obtain feedback, but they should make sure they are asking customers what they think. 

How do you know if your customers are content with your offerings? You need to ask them, and measure the results. Your customers would probably be less likely to recommend your product or service to someone else, so you should be able to determine if they’re happy with it. By following the above three rules, you can achieve the basics of marketing. 

Voice of Customer (VoC) Analytics For Real-time Results

Companies with this type of analysis will use feedback they receive to create new processes and improvements, as well as determine what customers need. This information is compiled into data that can be analyzed to produce real-time results. 

Voice of customer analytics helps businesses understand what customers want, and it is important to have a plan in place to address those issues.

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