Business Intelligence

Next Generation of Business Intelligence is Here

Next generation of business intelligence is here. Business Intelligence (BI) has taken rapid strides from the time it came into being in the ‘80s. Traditional Business Intelligence platforms were high-cost and time-intensive. They were also largely dependent, almost, alw

| 14 Jun 2021

The Emergence Of Commercial Artificial Intelligence in Business Intelligence

Even as global businesses continue to embrace big data and data analytics, the challenge many faces is: how to derive the most value from the big data. The latter refers to very large sets of data that cannot be handled with traditional methods. With artificial intellige

| 26 Oct 2020

The Next Big Thing in Analytics is Embedded Business Intelligence

The next big thing in analytics is embedded business intelligence (embedded BI). More and more businesses today are looking at deploying embedded business intelligence solutions. The reasons are many: the huge time gap between delivery, interpretation, and implementatio

| 09 Sep 2019

Top 3 Trends in Business Intelligence

Where is the world of Business Intelligence headed this year? Here’s a slideshow that examines the top trends in 2017.

| 25 May 2017